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Платформер с элементами квеста.

Omskiy Sanitar - неторопливое приключение, действие которого происходит в странном, мистическом месте под названием Omsk.

На протяжении игрового процесса игроку в основном предстоит решение паззлов, связанных с нахождением неисправностей, починкой различного оборудования, и, лол, уборкой помещений. Основная задача на каждом уровне - восстановить систему, пронизывающую весь уровень, после чего за дело берутся δαιμόνιον καθαρκτικός (см. ниже). Также, главному герою, приходится иметь дело с различными существами, находящимися на локациях - от весьма агрессивно настроенных до безобидных психонавтов.

Акцент в Omskiy Sanitar смещен именно в сторону решения паззлов. "Разборки" с агрессивными существами - всего лишь еще одно средство решение игровых задач, не более.

Технически это классический двухмерный платформер, с видом сбоку, с возможностью прицеливаться с помощью мышки и элементами point-and-click интерфейса, реализованная игровом конструкторе.

Основные особенности проекта

  • Качество игровой графики на уровне полноценного арта, тщательная проработанность визуальной части
  • Особенная, постапокалиптичная, атмосфера туманного, мистического мира, наполненного странной жизнью, одиночеством и забвением
  • Мрачные высокодетализированные интерьеры разрушающиегося на глазах игрока мира.
  • Авторский подход к стилизации

δαιμόνιον καθαρκτικός

Вы возможно слышали о них в одном известном произведении Стивена Кинга (или в его экранизации):

"Brian could see them, but could not understand what it was he was seeing. In some strange way they seemed to defy seeing, and he sensed his frantic, overstressed mind trying to change the incoming information, to make the shapes which had begun to appear at the east end of Runway 21 into something it could understand.
At first there were only two shapes, one black, one a dark tomato red.
Are they balls? his mind asked doubtfully. Could they be balls?
Something actually seemed to click in the center of his head and they were balls, sort of like beachballs, but balls which rippled and contracted and then expanded again, as if he was seeing them through a heat-haze. They came bowling out of the high dead grass at the end of Runway 21, leaving cut swaths of blackness behind them. They were somehow cutting the grass
No, his mind reluctantly denied. They are not just cutting the grass, and you know it. They are cutting a lot more than the grass.
What they left behind were narrow lines of perfect blackness. And now, as they raced playfully down the white concrete at the end of the runway, they were still leaving narrow dark tracks behind. They glistened like tar.
No, his mind reluctantly denied. Not tar. You know what that blackness is. It’s nothing. Nothing at all. They are eating a lot more than the surface of the runway."


Визуально Omsk близок к Городу, с которого начинается "Сталкер" Тарковского. Те же черно-белые, ближе к сепии, тона. Та же сырость, дым и грязь повсюду.
Здесь также присутствуют механические существа, схожие с копами из "Сталкера". Как и в фильме, главный герой вынужден скрываться от них - и это должно задать основной тон геймплея, как я надеюсь. Да, action-элементы появятся уже в следующей локации, но игрок в первую очередь должен думать, чтобы пройти игру.

В конце данной локации Omskiy Sanitar встречает Стража, происходит небольшой диалог, Страж пускает нашего героя на следующую локацию.


"In the morning I was myself again. I asked don Juan eagerly, "What happened to me?"
Don Juan laughed coyly. "You went to look for the keeper and of course you found it," he said.
"But what was it, don Juan?"
"The guardian, the keeper, the sentry of the other world," don Juan said factually.
I intended to relate to him the details of the portentous and ugly beast, but he disregarded my attempt, saying that my experience was nothing special, that any man could do that.
I told him that the guardian had been such a shock to me that I really had not yet been able to think about it.
Don Juan laughed and made fun of what he called an overdramatic bent of my nature.
"That thing, whatever it was, hurt me," I said. "It was as real as you and I."
"Of course it was real. It caused you pain, didn't it?"
As I recollected my experience I grew more excited. Don Juan told me to calm down. Then he asked me if I had really been afraid of it; he stressed the word "really."
"I was petrified," I said. "Never in my life have I experienced such an awesome fright."
"Come on," he said, laughing. "You were not that afraid."
"I swear to you," I said with genuine fervor, "that if I could have moved I would have run hysterically."
He found my statement very funny and roared with laughter.
"What was the point of making me see that monstrosity, don Juan?"
He became serious and gazed at me.
"That was the guardian," he said. "If you want to see you must overcome the guardian."
"But how am I to overcome it, don Juan? It is perhaps a hundred feet tall."
Don Juan laughed so hard that tears rolled down his cheeks.
"Why don't you let me tell you what I saw, so there won't be any misunderstanding?" I said.
"If that makes you happy, go ahead, tell me."
I narrated everything I could remember, but that did not seem to change his mood.
"Still, that's nothing new," he said, smiling.
"But how do you expect me to overcome a thing like that? With what?"
He was silent for quite a while. Then he turned to me and said,
"You were not afraid, not really. You were hurt, but you were not afraid."
He reclined against some bundles and put his arms behind his head. I thought he had dropped the subject.
"You know," he said suddenly, looking at the roof of the ramada, "every man can see the guardian. And the guardian is sometimes for some of us an awesome beast as high as the sky. You're lucky; for you it was only a hundred feet tall. And yet its secret is so simple."
He paused for a moment and hummed a Mexican song.
"The guardian of the other world is a gnat," he said slowly, as if he were measuring the effect of his words.
"I beg your pardon."
"The guardian of the other world is a gnat," he repeated. "What you encountered yesterday was a gnat; and
that little gnat will keep you away until you overcome it."
For a moment I did not want to believe what don Juan was saying, but upon recollecting the sequence of my vision I had to admit that at a certain moment I was looking at a gnat, and an instant later a sort of mirage had taken place and I was looking at the beast.
"But how could a gnat hurt me, don Juan?" I asked, truly bewildered.
"It was not a gnat when it hurt you," he said, "it was the guardian of the other world. Perhaps some day you will have the courage to overcome it. Not now, though; now it is a hundred-foot-tall drooling beast. But there is no point in talking about it. It's no feat to stand in front of it, so if you want to know more about it, find the guardian again."

"Separate Reality" by Carlos Castaneda

И далее, довольно подробное описание внешнего вида:

"I was looking at an unbelievably enormous animal. It was brilliantly black. Its front was covered with long, black, insidious hair, which looked like spikes coming through the cracks of
some slick, shiny scales. The hair was actually arranged in tufts. Its body was massive, thick and round. Its wings were wide and short in comparison to the length of its body. It had two white, bulging eyes and a long muzzle. This time it looked more like an alligator. It seemed to have long ears, or perhaps horns, and it was drooling."

На английском надо бы тоже написать, но это завтра уже :3

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